ADAP Features

Hosting and Security
  • Application would be self-hosted and you would retain complete control and ownership of all the data in the system.
  • We provide all the code updates to the system that will be deployed to your servers.
  • Deployable to Linux or Windows server environments
  • Deployable to virtual or cloud environments
  • Integration with Single Sign On Solution and OAuth
  • Regular updating of application with security fixes and new features
  • There are government cloud hosting options using Azure Government or Amazon AWS GovCloud services.
  • Applicants - users who submit their ADAP applications and renew every six months
  • Legal Representatives - users who submit ADAP applications on behalf of applicants that they legally represent
  • Case Managers - users at agencies that can create and submit applications on behalf of applicants that are in their agency
  • Reviewers - ADAP staff that review applications, approve completed applications, follow-up with expiring applicants, etc
  • Administrators - ADAP staff that manage administrative functions within the application and have all functionality of reviewers
Can be integrated with:
  • Pharmacy Benefits Manager
  • CAREWare
  • State recordkeeping programs like Medicaid, Death Notices, Master Person Index
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Mail merging for postal mail
  • Mobile text messaging
  • Additional programs such as: Dental Programs, Premium Assistance Programs, Insurance Assistance Programs
  • Ability to assist any applicant to help them submit or finish their ADAP application
  • Ability to send back applications for required modifications with history maintained
  • Real time updates for contact, residency, insurance, income, and other applicant changes
  • Ability to see application progress in real time
  • Pre-filled values on forms for faster submissions and renewals
  • Validation of data entered to insure data quality
  • Reminders for applicants and staff for follow-ups and renewals
  • Application assignments to ADAP staff and step by step processing
  • Round-robin application assignements with vacation mode settings
  • Duplicate user management
  • Annual ADR reporting
  • Custom Reports
  • All actions logged for HIPPA compliance
  • User login history recorded