Why Lansing Mail Marked Going Through Grand Rapids?

Why Lansing Mail Marked Going Through Grand Rapids?

Have you wondered why mail sent locally from one spot in Lansing to another spot in Lansing takes so long? And why does the letter have Grand Rapids markings on it?

Well in 2015 the Lansing post office plant at 4800 Collins Road was closed, resulting in all mail being re-routed to Grand Rapids for processing.

“If you send it here locally, right now the postal service has a service commitment to guarantee it next day. With the change of service that’s going to change today, it’s going to take up to three days for any mail originating from Lansing to (get to) Lansing,” Gonzales said.

According to USPS, all mail coming to Lansing will go through a Grand Rapids facility starting July 25, 2015. The Kalamazoo plant is also being deactivated and routed through Grand Rapids starting in April, and Iron Mountain’s plant will see its mail routed through Green Bay, Wisconsin.


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